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World 2 by warlordvir World 2 by warlordvir
Region 1:
Flora: Tropical swamp with Carboniferous Cycads and ferns with Mangroves and other swamps plants. In the rivers, neotropical fish much like in the Amazon River Basin, Gar,eels and Catfish, and some fresh water tolerant salt water fish. In and around the massive river-
Apex Predator(all debatable) : Mangrove Monitor, Stethacanthus, Trematosauridae, Bystrowqiana, and Anthracosaurus. (All Labyrinthodontia Amphibians [link])
Predators (debatable if they were instead prey): (Mainly Labyrinthodontia Amphibians [link]) such as Capetus, Eryops, Adelospondylus, Archegosauroidea, Intasuchus, Ichthyostega,Lord Howe Swamphen, Bar-winged Rail,Elginerpeton, Acanthostega, Colosteidae, Archegosaurus,Paracyclotosaurus, Big-headed turtle,Heron, Sclerocephalus, River Dolphins and (Non labyrinthdont) Crocodile Monitor.
Prey:Pacific Jumping Mouse, Home's hinge-back tortoise, Hynerpeton, Marine Iguana, Tokay gecko, Gargoyle Gecko, Balanerpeton, Batrachosuchus, Eocaecilia, Eocaecilia, Metoposaurus, Microbrachis, Pelorocephalus, Pelodosotis, Zatrachys,Pantylus, Peltobatrachus, Platyhystrix, Karaurus, Chunerpeton, Compsocerops, Cacops, Amphibamus, Cardiocephalus, Laidleria, Discosauriscus, Diplocaulus, Orobates, Dendrerpeton, Tseajaia,Lissamphibia Amphibian i.e. Modern amphibians,Saharastega, capybara, Paca, Pacarana, Northern Birch Mouse, Black spine-neck swamp turtle, Triadobatrachus, Wetlugasaurus, Twist-necked turtle, Platypus, Geckos,manatee, and Water deer.
Invertebrates: Slugs, Snails, Mussels, Clams, Crabs such as mud crab , Crayfish, Millipedes, Centipedes, tons of spiders, and many types of insects.

Region 2: (NOTE: The visible river do act as somewhat of a isolation factor like island) Dominated by Tropical trees from around Modern Earth and Fern Trees and Cycads on it margins, several orchids plants and bromlaids, and some tropic succulents. Fish: neotropical fish much like region 1 but with Arapaima, Piranha Fish (most herbivores Species), Red Devil Cichlid, and Golitah Tiger fish.
Apex Predator: Terror Bird such as the horusrhacos and Paraphysornis (mainly northern part), Gastornis,Anaconda and Great Black Hawk.
Predators: Jungle Carpet Python, Savu Python, Spotted Tree Monitor, Psilopterus, Velicoraptor, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Bluny-headed Tree Snake, Brazilian smooth snake, ornate flying snake, Cat- Eye Snake, rhinoceros viper, White-nosed Coati,river otters, Ball Python, Ocelot, Northern Caiman Lizard, Argentine Black and White Tegu, Gold tegu,Wagler's blind snake, false coral snake, Boa constrictor, South American Horned Frog, emerald tree boa, garden tree boa, rainbow boa, Green Tree Monitor, Surinam Toad, Microraptor, Amazon tree boa, Yellow-headed Water Monitor, black-throated monitor, yellow anaconda, machete savane, smooth machete savane, musurana,Painted coral snake, neotropical racers, Antiguan Racer, parrotsnake, speckled forest-pitviper, Jaguarundi,Bush dog (southern part), Greater grison, Margay,
Prey: Madras Treeshrew, Greater hedgehog tenrec, common tenrec, Giant otter shrew,Northern Caiman Lizard, Panamanian Golden Frog, Red and Green Dart poison Frog, Pygmy Marsupial Frog, Asiatic Gliding Frog, Malagasy Hippopotamus, Spectral Pygmy Chameleon, bearded leaf chameleon, Golden Eyed Leaf Frog, Tomato Frog, Glass Frog, Frog Eating Bat, Knight Anole, Cuban Bearded Anole, Standlindg's day gecko, neon day gecko, gaint day gecko, peacock day gecko, Home's hinge-back tortoise, Masked Puddle Frog,Black Ctenosaur, Brown Anole,Turquoise Poison Dart Frog, Allison's Anole, Central American river turtle, Big-headed turtle, Guatemalan spiny-tailed iguana, zonosaur, Brown basilisk, Yucatán Banded Gecko, Furrowed wood turtle, Central American river turtle, Draco Lizards,Euparkeria, Gold dust day gecko, African Egg-eating Snaker, Sarasin's Giant Gecko, South American coati, Brazilian giant tortoise, four-toed Amapasaurus, Noronha skink,Neotropical pygmy squirrel, Olingo, Flectonotus fissilis, Flectonotus ohausi, Kinkajou, Six-tubercled Amazon River turtle, Common basilisk, Western basilisk, Plumed basilisk, Brown basilisk, Helmeted Iguana, Eastern Casquehead Iguana, Common planigale, Red-footed tortoise, Scorpion mud turtle, burrowing snake, Arrau turtle, Spot-legged turtle, D'Orbigny's slider, some amphibians from Region 1, Mountain Horned Dragon, dart frogs, aquatic frogs, TONS of Different Chameleons such as the Rhino Chameleon,nutria, tropical birds such as the bird of Paradise, Pangolin, Galliwasp,Mossy Frog, Tons of hummingbirds, Sloths, Mexican Spiny-tailed Iguana, Fea's Treefrog capybara, Common Opossum,muntjac, Eastern casquehead iguana, Cuban Knight Anoles, Chinese water dragon, Agouti,Tayra, Aye-aye, Water Monitor Lizard, Emerald Tree Monitor,Emu, and a few small jungle deer, Okapi, Tarsier, Chevrotains, Paca, woolly opossum, Long-nosed Horned Frog, Cassowary,Armored Rat, Land Mullet, Armadillos, red worm lizard, Green Iguana, Amazon Wood Lizard, Horned Wood Lizard, Brazilian Spiny-tailed Lizard, Peruvian spider monkey, Black howler, Monk saki, Three-striped night monkey, Emerald Green Tree Skink, Giant leaf frog, Black-capped squirrel monkey,marmoset, Black-and-white Worm Lizard, Tropical Thornytail Iguana, Catesby's Snail-Eater, pen-tailed tree-shrew, Slender loris, Javan slow loris, Pygmy tarsier, Horsfield's tarsier, Philippine tarsier, Tropical dwarf salamanders, Allobates femoralis,Green Thornytail Iguana, spined tegus, Bromeliad Lizard, Bachia bicolor, Pygmy treeshrew, Natal Pigmy Gecko, waxy monkey frog, Mexican Treefrogs,Masked Tree Frog,shrinking frog, colored leaf frogs,rough leaf frogs,Tropical house gecko, Turnip-tailed Gecko, Leptictidium, elephant shrews, Snouted Treefrog,Burmeister's Treefrog, Leopard Treefrog, Ornate Treefrog, Giant Ameiva, Tropical climbing salamanders, splash-backed poison frog, Brazil-nut poison frog, Physalaemus albonotatus, Rainbow Whiptail, Tropical Thornytail Iguana, Crocodile Tegu, Western Leaf Lizard, Quince Monitor, Black tree monitor, Golden Monitor, Colostethus stepheni,Barycholos ternetzi, Colostethus olfersioides, Atélope Jaunâtre,Pebas stubfoot toad, Short-legged Horned Toad,Palawan Horned Frog, Red-footed tortoise, South American Common Toad,Chaunus ornatus,northern Sierra Madre Forest monitor lizard, Panay Monitor Lizard,Powdered Glass Frog,Big-eyed Tree Frog, Common Tree Frog, Green Vine Snake,Eyelash viper, tropical climbing salamanders, Tam Dao Salamander, Dayang Newt, Wanggao Warty Newt, Argentine horned frog,Tropical clawed frogs, Merlin's clawed frog, Hasselt's Toad,spiny bush viper, Archey's Frog,Scutiger (toad), emerald swift, Warty Asian Tree Toad,White-lipped Bright-eyed Frog, Screeching frogs, H. kivuensis kivuensis,African Foam-nest Tree Frog, Duiker, White's Tree Frog, Madagascan Velvet Gecko, Water Dragon, Red-Eyed Crocodile Skinks, Malayan Horned Frog, Desmarest's Hutia, Geocapromys, Chiasmocleis albopunctata, Megalocnus, Hamptophryne Bolivien,Myersiella microps,Amazon River Frog, star-fingered toad ,tropical climbing salamanders,Utila Spiny Taied Iguana, Puerto Rican Nesophontes, Agouta, Ringed Caecilian, Siphonops paulensis ,Typhlonectes compressicauda,Silky anteater,Gray short-tailed opossum,Mossy New Caledonian gecko, Asian palm civet, Labord's chameleon, Colugo, Strange-nosed Chameleon, High-casqued Chameleon, Terrestrial crab, Collared iguanid lizard, Brazilian Bush Anole, Malagasy Giant Chameleon, Gray , Kuhl's Flying Gecko, Small Mauritian Flying Fox, Giant golden-crowned flying fox, Philippine Tarsier, Black-handed Spider Monkey,DeBrazza's Guenon, Patas Monkey, Spiny Softshell Turtle, Helmeted Lizard, Plumed Basilik, Leaf-tailed Gecko, Treeshrew,Veiled chameleon,Jackson's Chameleon, Panther chameleon, bearded pygmy chameleon, African leaf chameleon, Fiji Banded Iguana, Fiji Crested Iguana, Spectral Pygmy Chameleon,Minute Leaf Chameleon, Common Chameleon, Genets, Philippines Civet,Meiolania, Southern tamandua,Greater Bulldog Bat,Ghost Bat, Tree pangolin, Sac-Winged Bat, Utila iguana, Jamaican fruit bat,Pygmy Fruit-eating Bat,New Zealand short-tailed bats, Brazilian giant tortoise, Sword-nosed Bat, Nectar Bat, Mindanao Horned Frog, Leptolalax liui, Common Big-eared Bat, Hoary bat, Mexican Free-tailed Bat, Fringe-lipped Bat, Little Red Flying Fox, Monkey Anole, Cuban False Chameleon, South American Matamata Turtle, Broad-nosed Bat, Long-tongued Bat, arboreal alligator lizard Wattled Curassow, Painted Mantella, bush babies, Fire Leg Running Frog, Bumble Bee Toad, Leaf Toad, Fire Bellied Toad, Dyeing Poison Dart Frog, Giant Day Gecko, Clown Tree Frog, Marbled Tree Frog,Emerald Eye Tree Frog, Rubber Banded Frog, African Golden Sedge Frog,Vietnamese Mossy Frog, Glass Tree Frog,Squirrel Tree Frog, Crested Anole, Tiger Leg Tree Frog, Golden Tree Frog, Haitian White-lipped Anole, Cuban Knight Anole, Seychelles Tiger Chameleon, Blue-spotted Wood Lizard,Parson's chameleon, Flap-necked Chameleon,black-chested spiny-tailed iguana, Clouded Monitor, Dusky-legged Guan, Parrots, Blue Spotted Tree Monitor, Limpkin, and Tapirs.
Insect and Invertebrates:TON and TONS of insects such as praying mantis, Thysania Agrippina, Thysania Zenobia, Agrias Beata, Agrias Claudia Lugens, Agrias Narcissus, Agrais Pericles, Agrias Sahlkei, Peanut-head bug, Harlequin Bug, Shield Stinkbug, Net-Winged Beetle,Rhino Beetle, Many other varieties of Beetles,katydids, Walking Stick, Gulf Fritillary Butterfly, many other varieties of Butterflies, Bees, Wasp, Death's head Sphinx, many other varieties of Moths, Leaf Insect, Dragonflies, Darners, Cockroaches, Tarantula, Swallowtail, Psalidognathu, Parides Sesostris, Parides montezuma, Papilo zagreus, Oxysternon festivum, Pink Spotted Hawkmoth, Moon Moth, Giant Sphinx Moth, Morpho Rhetenor, Morpho Hercules, Morpho Hecuba, Horned Treehopper, Many varieties of treehoppers, Elephant Beetle, Titanic Beetle, Leafhoppers and Leaf Cutter ants. And TON of bugs like Scorpions, Tautana, pseudoscorpion, tons of spiders, and much more.
NO large carnivores ants. Pretty much nothing on the ground that eat eggs without being heavily predated i.e. any mice or rats to where there is little to no danger of laying eggs in ground-based nest at least in the northern part.

Region 3: Domainted by High tropical trees (lower region), tons of Orchids, Bromaids, and even thorny succulent plant in the higher attitudes, then mostly moss and lichen with alot of ferns as well. Cycads and Fern trees with a few hardwood tree domainted the upper region.
Animals: Much like Region 2 but mainly ground is dominated by capybara and water-loving animals. Has goby fish like red-tailed goby. Not so many fish-eaters as in other regions. Does have Giant Salamanders, Barbour's Ground Skink. Also frogs like Adelophryne maranguapensis.

Regions 4:
Flora: Mainly Tropical Savanna and Savanna flora of Africa (Present Day Earth) Includes some sub-alpine forest. (includes transition like Subtropical Forest and etc)
Apex Predator: Terror Bird: Brontornis, Titanis and Kelenken
Predators: African civet, Argentavis, Dromornis, Terror Bird: Phorushacos, Mesembriornis,Procariama,Psilopterus, and Andalgalornis), several small predatory birds such as the Seriema, Snakes, Condor Vulture, Bullockornis, monitor lizards such as the Lace Monitor,Western green mamba, Jameson's mamba, and Maned wolf.
Prey(Herbivores/Insectvores): Aardwolf, Three-banded Armadillo, Bowsprit tortoise, Leopard tortoise, Pancake tortoise, Speke's hinge-back tortoise, Impressed tortoise, Asian forest tortoise, Tropical night Lizard, Alligator Lizard, Cunningham's Skink, four-lined plated lizard, rough-scaled plated lizard, African plated lizard,emperor flat lizard, pretty-eyed lizard, West Canary Skink, Tanzanian Legless Lizard,Long Tail Grass Lizards, Savannah Monitor, Madagascar Girdled Lizard, white-throated monitor, Forest Armadillo, Gray's monitor, Ornate Monitor,Northern Alligator Lizard, Fire Skink, Hippidion, Theriodictis, Neochoerus, Kinglet Calyptura, giant moa, Grey Tinamou, Thomson's Caecilian, Blackneck garter snake, Bedriaga's Fringe-fingered Lizard, Savigny's Agama, Cophixalus verrucosus,Oudri's Fan-footed Gecko,Common House Gecko,Seychelles Bronze Gecko, Big-eared Woolly Bat,Tabasco mud turtle, Scorpion mud turtle, Giant musk turtle, Turnip-tailed Gecko, Brown basilisk, Helmeted iguana, Guatemalan helmeted basilisk, Eastern casquehead iguana, Green Iguana, Black Spiny-tailed Iguana, yellow-spotted spiny lizard, Allison's anole, Cuban brown anole, Rainbow Whiptail, Rainbow Ameiva, Middle American Ameiva, Yellow-spotted tropical night lizard, Black blind snake, Brahminy blind snake, Yucatán blind snake, ringed tree boa, Middle American burrowing snake, Milk snake, Banded cat-eyed snake, Parrot Snake, Mexican Vine Snake, Green Vine Snake, Clouded Snake,Yucatán Banded Gecko, Diadiaphorus, Baikal Teal, dabbling ducks, plovers,Thoatherium, Leontinia, Scarrittia, Homalodotherium, Protypotherium,Pachyrukhos, Cladosictis, Oreodont, American Llama, American Camel, Aphelops, Mixotoxodon, Storr's Monitor Lizard, Adinotherium, Aardwolf, Nesodon, Hipparion, Exaeretodon, Sylviornis, Genyornis, Zalambdalestes, Diademodon, Thrinaxodon, Miohippus, Eoraptor, Centrosaurus, Protoceratops, Rapetosaurus, Sinornithomimus, Oryctodromeus, Iguanodon, Wannanosaurus, Microceratus, Stegosauria, Pachycephalosauria, Beishanlong, Ornithomimus, Struthiomimus, Qiupalong, Gallimimus, Anserimimus, Archaeornithomimus, Garudimimus, Harpymimus, Therizinosaur, Khaan, Conchoraptor, Heyuannia, Ingenia, Elmisaurus, Chirostenotes, Citipati, Rinchenia, Oviraptor, Motagua Valley beaded lizard, Microvenator, Caudipteryx, Avimimus, Toxodon, Macrauchenia, Propalaeotherium, Diminutive Pronghorn, Coryphodon, Doedicurus, Plesiadapis, Phenacodus, Dwarf elephant, Hyracotherium,European copper skink, Emperor Flat Lizard, Madagascar Girdled Lizard, Yellow-spotted rock hyrax, Agama agama, Brook's House Gecko, Leptolalax liui, Oreolalax, Greater short-horned lizard, Horned Wood Lizard,Blue-spotted Wood Lizard, Italian Three-Toed Skink, Palawan Horned Frog, Mwanza Flat-headed Agama,Mindanao Horned Frog, Tasmanian Nativehen, Elephant bird, Kangaroo Island Emu, King Island Emu, Weka,Glyptodont, Moa, Robertson Dwarf Chameleon, Warthogs, Baboons, Emus, Chital Ostriches, Lizards, Tortoises, Guinea pigs,Tufted deer, Gophers, Goats, Meerkats, Rhea,Voles,Theosodon, Pudú, Moeritherium, Rabbits,Diprotodon, Geochelone atlas, Desmatosuchus, ProtoceratopsPeccary, Hares,Jerboa,Smith's Dwarf Chameleon,Regal Horned Lizard, Granite spiny lizard, Scutiger (toad), Fire Skink, Tarpan( the wild horse), Green-legged Curly-tailed Lizard, Tryon's Velvet Gecko, Skunk Gecko, Helmeted Gecko, and Ampelomeryx.
Insect: Termite, Ants (no large carnvirous ones), Locust, Cricket, and etc.

Region 5:
Flora: Mainly Cacti and Succulents includes some desert grasses, shrubs and tree found in North America Southwest mixed in with Sahara Desert-like large areas.
Apex Predator: Desert Monitor, Dimetrodon, desert crocodile
Predators: fennec fox ,Texas lyre snake, Texas night snake, horned viper, Pharaoh Eagle-Owl,Gila Monster, Sudan plated lizard, Texas night snake, Mexican Black Kingsnake, Texas rat snake, eastern hog-nosed snake, Mexican milk snake, Desert sidewinder, Rosy boa,horned rattlesnake,night adders, burrowing vipers, Javelin sand boa, glossy snake, Bengal monitor, and Desert Kingsnake.
Prey: Rüppell's Snake-eyed Skink, Kangaroo rat, Lesser Egyptian jerboa, Golden moles, fennec fox, Tiger Whiptail, African spurred tortoise, Texas Spotted Whiptail, Little Striped Whiptail, Plateau Spotted Whiptail, Schnedier's Snink, Common Checkered Whiptail, Desert Iguana, Helmeted gecko, Desert Wall Gecko, Helmeted gecko,Egyptian Mastigure, Saharan Uromastyx, Spiny-tailed Lizard, Greek tortoise, Yellow Niger Uromastyx, Red Niger Uromastyx, Ornate Mastigure, Frog-eyed Gecko, green toad, desert spiny lizard, Namaqua Chameleon,Texas tortoise, desert horned lizard, Bats,Russian Tortiose, Desert tortoise , Horsefield's Tortoise, Kleinmann's tortoise, Desert Spiny Lizard,Mountain dragon, Bolson tortoise,Frill-necked Lizard,Uromastyx,Shield-tailed Agama,Armadillo Lizard, bearded dragons, Ghost-faced Bat, Mediterranean house gecko, Psammophilus, Common Chuckwalla,Piebald Chuckwalla, Giant sandfish Desert iguana, Cairo Spiny Mouse, Short-eared Elephant Shrew, Proganochelys Fringe-toed lizard, ground skinks, jackrabbit, Desert Hedgehog, Desert kangaroo rat, Tiger snakes, Western Pebble-mound Mouse, Giant Horned Lizard, Desert horned lizard, African Clawed Gecko, Texas horned lizard, Great Basin collared lizard, Common collared lizard, Beaked cape tortoise, Karoo cape tortoise, Baja California leopard lizard, Leopard Lizard, Blunt-nosed leopard lizard, Roadrunner, Cactus mouse, Hasselquist's Gecko, Desert box turtle,Zebra-tailed lizard, Desert iguana, Gilded Flicker, Desert Woodrat, Desert Cottontail, Viscacha Rat,Ornate Tree Lizard, Common collared lizard,blue spiny lizard,eastern fence lizard, western whiptail, Shingled-back Skink, Texas alligator lizard, Desert Cottontail, Bobtail Skink, Burrowing Owl,Side-blotched lizard,Granite spiny lizard,Big brown bat, Spotted bat, Evening Bat, African Clawed Geckos, San Diego Banded Gecko, Desert red bat, Greater earless lizard,Five-toed Pygmy Jerboa, Zebra-tailed lizard, Shining Tree Iguana, lesser earless lizards, mesquite lizard, Texas spiny lizard, California rock lizards,Texas Pocket Gopher, Desert pocket mouse, Mexican Free-tailed Bat, Pallid bat, Texas Banded Gecko, long-tailed brush lizard, and Indian spiny-tailed lizard, Tent tortoise,
Insect: Desert locust, Ants, Beetles like Darkling beetle, and desert invertebrates such as desert centipede. There are spiders and scorpions like Flat Rock Scorpion, Red-Kneed Tarantulas, and Death Stalkers . However none lethal enough to kill a man.
Region 6:
Flora silimar to Region 4
Apex Predator: Utahraptor, Austroraptor and Dromaeosauroides
Predators: Deinonychus, Saurornitholestes, Dromaeosaurus, Yurgovuchia, Balaur, Velioraptors, Linheraptor, Byronosaurus, Adasaurus, Pyroraptor, Compsognathus, Nile Monitor, and Secodontosaurus.
Prey: Massospondylus, Speckled padloper tortoise, Leopard tortoise, Bowsprit tortoise, Kayentachelys, Fire Skink, Gopher Tortoise, Green-legged Curly-tailed Lizard, Tryon's Velvet Gecko, Skunk Gecko, Helmeted Gecko, , Reeves' Smooth Skink , Cottontail Rabbits, Madagascar Girdled Lizard, Indian star tortoise, Bronze Grass Skink, Fan-throated lizard, Koolasuchus, Beelzebufo, Albanerpeton, Enantiornis, Torosaurus, Mariliasuchus, Magyarosaurus, Ornithomimus,Tanzanian Legless Lizard, Alxasaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, West Canary Skink, Altirhinus, Eolambia, Leaellynasaura, Muttaburrasaurus, Geochelone atlas, Nanyangosaurus, Qantassaurus, Woodland jumping mouse, Theiophytalia,Yamaceratops, Mochlodon, Nipponosaurus, Prosaurolophus, Shantungosaurus, Velafrons, Goyocephale, Homalocephale, Gasparinisaura, Hypacrosaurus, Maiasaura, Saurolophus, Unenlagia, Scansoriopteryx, Gigantoraptor, Therizinosaurus, Erlikosaurus, Segnosaurus, Nothronychus, Erliansaurus, Suzhousaurus, Nanshiungosaurus, Enigmosaurus, Nemegtomaia, Tianyulong, Juravenator, Sinosauropteryx, Beipiaosaurus, Heterodontosaurus, Acanthopholis, Eocursor, Gargoyleosaurus, Scelidosaurus, Scutellosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Fruitadens, Abrictosaurus, Pisanosaurus, Chaoyangsaurus, Xuanhuaceratops, Hongshanosaurus, Zhuchengceratops, Cerasinops, Udanoceratops, Prenoceratops, Montanoceratops, Leptoceratops, Graciliceratops, Lesothosaurus, Agilisaurus, Othnielosaurus, Scansoriopteryx, Falcarius, Tanycolagreus, Dilong, Jinfengopteryx, Confuciusornithidae, Jeholornis, Epidexipteryx, Zalambdalestes, Short-beaked Echidna, Microraptor, Rahonavis, Mahakala, Massetognathus, Probelesodon, Dadadon, Exaeretodon, Bienotherium, Exaeretodon, Haplocheirus, Tianyuraptor, Mononykus, Shuvuuia, Parvicursor, Albertonykus, Linhenykus, Patagonykus, Alvarezsaurus, Ceratonykus, Ornitholestes, Archaeopteryx, Morganucodon, Tritylodon, Pachygenelus, Kayentatherium, Juramaia, Eoraptor, Centrosaurus, Protoceratops, Rapetosaurus, Sinornithomimus, Oryctodromeus, Iguanodon, Wannanosaurus, Microceratus, Stegosauria, Pachycephalosauria, Beishanlong, Ornithomimus, Struthiomimus, Qiupalong, Gallimimus, Anserimimus, Archaeornithomimus, Garudimimus, Harpymimus, Therizinosaur, Khaan, Conchoraptor, Heyuannia, Ingenia, Elmisaurus, Chirostenotes, Citipati, Rinchenia, Italian Three-Toed Skink, Oviraptor, Microvenator, Caudipteryx, Avimimus, Troodon, Sinornithoides, Saurornithoides, Eomaia, Zanabazar, Mei, Sinornithosaurus, Hesperonychus, Buitreraptor, Western Forest Centipede-eater, Striped House Snake, Home's Hinge-back Tortoise, Emperor Flat Lizard, Madagascar Girdled Lizard, Yellow-spotted rock hyrax, Agama agama, Brook's House Gecko, Leptolalax liui, Oreolalax, Painted Dwarf Gecko, African Five-lined Skink, African fat-tailed gecko, Sudan plated lizard, Slender Glass Lizard, Scutiger (toad), Great Plains Skink, Prairie Skink, Six-lined Racerunner, Garter Snake, Ratsnake, Bullsnake, Brown Snake, Western, Eastern Spadefoot , Hog-nosed Snake, Eastern Fence Lizard, Smooth Earth Snake, Fox Snake, Smooth Green Snake, Carolina anole, Chalarodon, Jewel Lizard, Regal Horned Lizard, Greater short-horned lizard, Western fence lizard, Santa Cruz Island sator, Prairie Lizard, Sagebrush lizard, Edaphosaurus, Platyhystrix, Spiny Whorltail Iguana, Jinfengopteryx, Chinese crocodile lizard, Dalinghosaurus, Pumila, Curly-tailed Lizard, long-tailed brush lizard, Ulemosaurus,Tenontosaurus, Hypsilophodont, Draconyx, Edmontosaurus, Voles, Rabbits, Kuroiwa's Ground Gecko, Five-lined Skink, Rhynchosaur, Hares, Sinovenator, Parasaurolophus, Rhabdodontid, Jeholosaurus, Ceratopsia,Psittacosaurus, Jerboa, Birch mouse, Dryosaurus, Desmatosuchus, Ankylosaurus. Camptosaurus, Atlantic Lizard, Meerkat, Guinea Pigs, Impressed tortoise, Shrew,Echidna, and Eomaia.
Insect: Silimar to Region 4

Region 7:
Flora: Silimar to Central and South Australia with forests includes many Australia Native trees and desert.
Apex Predator: Megalania, Tasmanian tiger, Sand goanna, and Perentie.
Predator: Rough-scaled Python, Peach Throat Monitor, Yellow-spotted Monitor,Spencer's Goanna, scrub python, Common Death Adder, Desert death adder, Adelaide Pigmy Blue-tongue Skink, Sandhill Dunnart,Crest-tailed Mulgara,Desert Death Adder,king brown Snake, Saurornithoides, Northwestern carpet python,,Spiny-tailed monitor, Peringuey Adder, Pygmy Mulga Goanna, Kimberley Rock Monitor, and Lace monitor.
Prey: southern weasel skink, Asian Snake-eyed Skink, Coastal tree skink, Fawn hopping mouse, Golden mole, Black-headed Monitor, bearded dragon, Red Eyed Crocodile Skink, Australian land hermit crab, Gastric-brooding frog, Lesser stick-nest rat, Crescent nail-tail wallaby, Eastern hare-wallaby, Numbat, Macquarie perch, Mountain galaxias, Armoured Frog, Corroboree frog, Giant Barred Frog, Spencer's River Tree Frog, Waterfall Frog, Gulf snapping turtle, Allan's Lerista, Tiger quoll, Eastern barred bandicoot, Mahogany glider, Red-tailed phascogale, Marsupial mole, Hastings River Mouse, Semon's Leaf-nosed Bat, Julia Creek Dunnart, Growling grass frog, Green and Golden Bell Frog, Magnificent Brood Frog, Ornamental Snake, Striped Legless Lizard, Namoi River snapping turtle, olive python, Broad-Headed Snake, Tiger snake, Noisy Scrub-bird, Thick-billed Grasswren, Golden Whistler, Large-eared Pied Bat, Grey-headed flying fox, Spectacled Flying Fox, Toolache wallaby, Mountain dragon, Dusky Flying Fox, Long-tailed Hopping Mouse, Short-tailed Hopping Mouse, Desert rat-kangaroo,Murray cod, Queensland lungfish, Eastern Three-lined Skink, Blotched Blue-tongued Lizard, shingleback Lizard, Northern Blue-tongued Skink, Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard,Irian Jaya Blue-tongued Skink, Five-Clawed Worm Skink, Largetooth sawfish, Australian grayling, Pedder galaxias, Kultarr, Phascogale, False Antechinus, Tasmanian devil, Bilby, Potoroo, broad-footed marsupial mice, Marsupial mole, Brushtail possum, Cuscus, Wombat, Wallaby, Edaphosaurus, African fat-tailed gecko, Abrolhos bearded dragon,Western Netted Dragon, Stripe-tailed Goanna, Namaqua Chameleon, Thorny Devil, comb-bearing dragons, Lake Eyre dragon lizard, Jacky Dragon, great desert skink, Dunnarts,Malleefowl, Southern Marsupial Mole, Chestnut-breasted Whiteface, Bilby, Red kangaroo, Kowari, Blue-tongued skink, Common Scaly-foot, Burton's legless lizard, Spiny-tailed monitor, Gravel Dragon, Binoe's prickly gecko, Kookaburra, Clawless Geckos, Black-spotted ridge-tailed monitor, Earless Dragon, snake-necked turtle, Ornate Crevice-dragon,Beaded Gecko,Quokka, Numbat, Atlantic Lizard Pig-footed bandicoot, Lesser Bilby, Broad-faced potoroo, Woylie, Rufous hare-wallaby,Western Pebble-mound Mouse, turnip-tailed gecko, Bobtail Skink, Western Mouse, Ghost Bat, Flying Fox Bat,Growling Grass Frog, Southern Banjo Frog, Painted Burrowing Frog,Crucifix Toad, Ornate Burrowing Frog, Red-crowned Toadlet, Spencer's Burrowing Frog, turtle frog, Australian Green Tree Frog, Water-holding Frog,Mertens' Water Monitor,snake-eyed Skink,barking gecko, Adelaide Pigmy Blue-tongue Skink, Sudan Plated Lizard, Pig-nosed turtle, and Spiny-tailed monitor.
Invertbrate: Silimar to Australian. Also has Giant Australian Stick.

Region 8:
Flora: Sea Grass
Apex Predator: Roaming Tiger Sharks
Predators: Common torpedofish, Barndoor skate, Madagascar sea catfish, Tarpon,
Prey: Transparent goby, Leafy Seadragon, Green Sea Turtles, White-spotted puffer, Mantee, Sea urchin,crabs, eel goby, Dragon Goby, burrowing goby, and dugongs.

Region 9: Shallow sea area
Flora: MASSIVE Coral Reef which includes Brain coral, Rugosa, Tabulata, Aulopora, Staghorn coral,elkhorn coral, table coral,Pillar coral, Fire coral, Blue coral, Black Coral, Gorgonian,Sea pen,star corals,tree corals,Xenia, Yellow Cluster Anemone,Orange cup coral, Organ pipe coral, Cape zoanthid,Parazoanthus,Precious coral,Bamboo coral, multicoloured sea fan,Green Surf Anemone, short tentacle plate coral, Knotted fan coral, Mopsella, mushroom coral, strawberry anemone,Tube-dwelling anemones and etc. Note these coral are limited to region 9, they do extend or found in region 12 and 13. Very few are only found in 12 or 13 (mainly some of the soft coral)
Apex Predators:Caribbean reef shark
Predators: Whitetip reef shark,Tiger shark,Caribbean Reef Squid,Bigfin reef squid,Caribbean Reef Squid,colubrine sea krait,Black-banded sea krait, Dogsharks, cuttlefish, Katuali, Tassled scorpionfish, Blacktip reef shark, zebra shark, Angel shark, cotuero toadfish, Splendid toadfish, Midshipman fish, Humphead wrasse, Nurse shark, Panther Grouper, Caribbean Reef Octopus, Catsharks, slender grouper,Golden-striped Grouper, Vermillion seabass, Yellow-edged lyretail,Red grouper, black grouper, Southern Blue-ringed Octopus, Blue-lined Octopus, Camouflage grouper,Coral trout, roving coralgrouper,giant moray, Ribbon eel, Fimbriated moray, Whitemouth moray, Sand diver, Leopard moray eel, California moray,Undulated moray,Goldentail moray,Giant grouper,Bramble shark
Prey: Giant guitarfish,Minute moray, pink anemonefish,Ocellaris clownfish, skunk, Maroon clownfish, Cinnamon clownfish, Percula clownfish, Ocellaris clownfish, Tomato clownfish, Clark's anemonefish, Red saddleback anemonefish, Orange-fin anemonefish, Blackfinned anemonefish, Sebae clownfish, Pink skunk clownfish, Saddleback clownfish, Charcoal Damsel, Peacock Damsel, dusky damselfish, Barrier Reef Anemonefish, butterfly perch, finespot moray,Zebra moray, Black Mantis, smooth trunkfish, blacksaddled coralgrouper, bicolor parrotfish ,Bartlett's anthias, Twinspot Anthias , squarespot anthias, queen parrotfish Sea goldie, Bobtail squid, lack-ray goby, Clown goby, Bird wrasse, Six-line Wrasse, Bluestreak wrasse, Yellow goatfish, Longhorn cowfish, Yellowtail wrasse, Spotted trunkfish, Bluestreak cleaner wrasse, Hermit crab, Honeycomb cowfish,Pearl wrasse, Dragon Wrasse, Bluehead wrasse, Lord Howe Island butterflyfish, roughskin spurdog, Greater Blue-ringed Octopus, Teardrop butterflyfish, Fourspot butterflyfish, Spotband butterflyfish, Seychelles butterflyfish, Bank Butterflyfish, Oblique butterflyfish, Mimic Octopus, wonderpus octopus, Glass Octopus, Goldengirdled coralfish, blacknosed butterflyfish, longfin bannerfish, Schooling bannerfish, Red Sea bannerfish, Banggai cardinalfish, Warming's lantern fish, bigtooth cardinalfish, Pacuma toadfish, Ring-tailed cardinalfish, Threadfin cardinalfish, Flamefish, Twospot cardinalfish, Pajama cardinalfish, Orbiculate cardinalfish, Sabre squirrelfish, Southern stingray, Blackbar Soldierfish, Hawaiian squirrelfish, Pyramid Butterflyfish, Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish, Big Longnose Butterflyfish, Copperband butterflyfish, Margined Coralfish, Truncate coralfish, Clown wrasse,common seahorse, Leopard-spotted goby,Ghost goby, Blackeye goby,Giant clam, Banded coral shrimp, Common Blanket Octopus, several varieties of coral snails,White-spotted puffer, stove-pipe sponge, Loggerhead sea turtle,pygmy seahorse, Blue Hamlet, Green coral goby, Yellow clown goby, pellucida pygmy goby, barred hamlet, West Australian seahorse, White's seahorse, Satomi's pygmy seahorse, Hedgehog seahorse, Bargibanti's seahorse, Spiny seahorse, Lined seahorse, Knobby seahorse, seven-figure pygmy goby,Tiger tail seahorse, queen angelfish, Cape seahorse,Short-snouted seahorse, Long-snouted seahorse, Blackbar soldierfish, crowned squirrelfish, Blue lined squirrelfish, Eagle ray, whiptail stingrays , Broad skate, Longspine squirrelfish, Yellow prawn-goby, Y-bar shrimp goby, Pink-speckled shrimpgoby, Steinitz's goby, queen triggerfish, Redtoothed triggerfish, Masked triggerfish , Lagoon triggerfish, Neon damselfish,Cocoa damselfish,
Invertbrates: Venus' Flower Basket,Barrel sponge,Calcareous sponges, glass sponges, red encrusting sponge, Red volcano sponge, golf ball sponge,breadcrumb sponge, Several varieties of demosponge, black sea urchin, Loch's Chromodoris, feathered doto, hammerhead doto, crowned doto, Berghia coerulescens, Orange-peel doris, Pteraeolidia ianthina, variable neon slug, Aeolidiella stephanieae, yellowline arrow crab, feather duster worms, moss animals, Tambja sagamiana, Sea Slugs, Roboastra luteolineata, sea swallow, double spined urchin, Sea hares,slate pencil urchin, peanut worms, Brittle Star, Starfish, Sanddollars, many of varieties of box jellies, many variates of True jellyfish, Man o War Jellyfish, stalked jellyfishes, and Sea Cucumbers.
On the Islands: (The largest one being more like a Tropical New Zealand with high temperature forest)
Includes animals:
Dodo Bird, Kiwi Bird, Norfolk Kaka, Birds of Paradise, Moa-nalo,Flightless Cormorant, Galapagos Tortoise, Galápagos land iguanas, Komodo dragon, Marine Iguana, Galapagos Penguin,Galapagos Hawk, Blue-footed Booby, Waved Albatross, Darwin's finches,Galápagos Mockingbird, Giant Hoopoe, Kakapo, Stephens Island Wren, Otago skink,chevron skink, Scree skink, Suter's skink, Shore skink, Moko skink, Cuban Giant Owl, Desmarest's Hutia, Réunion giant tortoise, Geocapromys, Domed Rodrigues giant tortoise, Saddle-backed Rodrigues giant tortoise, Megalocnus, Seychelles Parakeet, Solomon Islands skink,Laughing Owl, Hawaiʻi ʻŌʻō, Mauritius Blue Pigeon , Lord Howe Swamphen, Broad-billed Parrot, New Zealand Quail, New Zealand Owlet-nightjar, Upland Moa, North Island Snipe, New Zealand Long-tailed Bat, Rhinoceros Iguana, Cuban rock iguana, Microlophus, Light-mantled Albatross,Chatham Albatross,Auckland Merganser,New Zealand Musk Duck,Weka , Matuhi ,Malherbe's Parakeet, New Zealand Grebe, Eyles' Harrier, Black-fronted Tern, Kōkako, Tieke, Huia, Chatham Island Bellbird, Piopio, Chatham Fernbird, Heavy-footed Moa, Bush Moa, Stout-legged Moa, North Island Giant Moa, North Island Broad-billed Moa, Stitchbird, Black Robin, Pinta Island tortoise, Tuatara, Painted wood turtle, Common snapping turtle, Haast's Eagle, Adzebill, Megapode, Rodrigues Solitaire, Réunion giant tortoise, Saddle-backed Mauritius giant tortoise, Meiolania, Pinta Island tortoise, Arnold's giant tortoise, Seychelles giant tortoise, Domed Mauritius giant tortoise, Domed Rodrigues giant tortoise, Helmeted Iguana, Giant Horned Lizard, Black Ctenosaur, Tasmanian Nativehen, Hawaiian Rail,Tahitian Red-billed Rail, Common Chameleon, Bearded Pygmy Chameleon, Plated leaf chameleon, Spider tortoise, Flat-backed spider tortoise,
Region 10:
Flora: Savanna/Praire/Forest silimar to Pleistocene North America
Apex Predator: Smilodon, American lions, Andrewsarchus,
Predator: Great Horned Owl, Sabre-toothed Pogonodon, Sand Lizard, Dire Wolf, Timber Wolves,Bobtail Cat, Mesocyon, Mesonyx, Ferret, Miacids, Creodonta,
Prey: Little Pocket Mouse, Woodland jumping mouse, Gopher Tortoise, Meadow jumping mouse, Western Jumping Mouse, Common Treeshrew, Osteodontornis, Nuralagus rex, Elephant shrew, Pangolin, Mouse Shrew, broad-footed marsupial mice, Bison, Three-toed "horse" Miohippus,Diceratherium, Doedicurus, Panochthus, Glyptotherium, Propalaehoplophorus, Deinotherium, Tortoise Stylemys, Little Brown Skink, Mouse-deer Hypertragulus, Oreodont Eporeodon, Megazostrodon, Adelobasileus, Western Canaries Lizard, Yellow Mud Turtle, Eastern Box Turtle, Orante Box Turtle, Common map turtle, Painted Turtle, pond slider turtle, Eastern Glossy Snake, Western Worm Snake, Ringneck Snake , Common Kingsnake, Five-lined Skink, Coachwhip, Plainbelly Water Snake, Milk Snake, Smooth Earth Snake , Rough Earth Snake, Smooth Green Snake, Rough Green Snake, Plains Garter Snake, Hognosed Snake, Great Plains Rat Snake, Gopher Snake, Gopher, Field Mice, Longnose Snake, Night Snake, Flathead Snake, Common Musk Turtle, Wood Turtle, Ringneck Snake,Western Fox Snake, Blanding's turtle, hyrax, Xiphodontidae, Slender Glass Lizard, Indohyus,Diacodexis, Anthracotherium, Climacoceratidae, Stenomylus, Przewalski's horse,quagga, Tarpan,European Hedgehog, Mouse-tailed Bat, Shrew Mole, fruit bats, Free-tailed bat, Ghost-faced Bat, Aceratherium, Indricotherium, black rhinoceros, mallard duck, bluebird, barn swallow,cardinal, ivory billed woodpecker, golden eagle, Prairie Skink, Five-lined skink, Broadhead Skink, swan, Six-lined Racerunner, Slender Glass Lizard, Bullsnake, Lined Snake, Mud Snake, Spotted Turtle,Midland Smooth Softshell, Bog Turtle, Northern Ribbon Snake, viviparous lizard, Anguis fragilis, Western Three-toed Skink,Bedriaga's Rock Lizard, Blue-throated Keeled Lizard,Wall Lizard,Ocellated Lizard, European Legless Lizard, Palaeomastodon, Metamynodon, Palaeomastodon, Hyracotherium, Gomphotherium, Pelorovis, Meerkat, Gomphothere, Dwarf elephant, Bedriaga's Skink, Uintatherium, Diminutive Pronghorn, Ocellated Skink, Gran Canaria Skink, West Canary Skink, Western Three-Toed Skink, Saiga Antelope, Megatherium, Coryphodon, Doedicurus, Plesiadapis, Phenacodus, Pakicetus, Morganucodon, Moeritherium, Brontotherium, Borophagus, Timber Wolves, Coyotes, Bobcats, Chalicothere, Embolotherium, Pyrenean Desman, Samotherium, Thalassocnus, Thalassocnus, Seven-banded Armadillo, Hyaenodon, Paraceratherium, Juxia, Macrauchenia, Barylambda, Bison antiquus, Red-toothed shrew,Camelops, American Cheetah, Aepycamelus, Hagerman horse, Pygmy Mammoth, Toxodon, Thylacosmilus, Teleoceras, Sivatherium, Bear dog, Leptictidium, Ambulocetus, American Crocodile, Champsosaurus, Turkey, Godinotia, Imperial mammoth, Platygonus, Holmesina, Teratornis, La Brea stork, Heath Hen, Quail, Red Fox, Barn Owl, Passenger Pigeon, Slender-billed Grackle, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Imperial Woodpecker, Silver trout, Rainbow Trout, Bluegill, Sunfish, Catfish, Minnows, Shortnose cisco, Ash Meadows killifish, pupfish, Columbian Mammoth, shrub-ox, steppe bison, stag moose, Capromeryx minor, Saiga Antelope, Scott's horse, Harrington's Mountain Goat, Harlan's muskox, Short-faced bear, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Eastern elk, Blue walleye, Marginated tortoise,

Region 11:
Flora: Fern Plains/Forest similar to New Zealand with the northern shore becoming Mediterranean-like.
Apex Predator: Sauroctonus
Predators:Arctops, Gorgonops, Pristerognathus, Lycosuchus, Hesperosuchus, Protosuchus, Saltoposuchus, Sichuanosuchus, Hsisosuchus, Stratiotosuchus, Morrinhosuchus, Armadillosuchus, Trirachodon, Aelurognathus, Aelurosaurus, Arctognathus, Pravoslavlevia, Aloposaurus, Viatkogorgon, Dinogorgon, Sycosaurus, Clelandina, Rubidgea,
Prey: Scutosaurus, Pareiasaurus, Westlothiana, Haptodus, Deuterosaurus, Aulacephalodon, Jonkeria, Cyonosaurus, Ischigualastia,Placerias,Dicynodon, Ericiolacerta, Eodicynodon, Wadiasaurus,Myosaurus, Lystrosaurus, Nikkasaurus, Rabidosaurus, Endothiodon, Moschops, Oligokyphus,Bauria, Milleretta, Millerosaurus, Keratocephalus, Kannemeyeria, Cistecephalus, Patranomodon, Cistecephalidae, Dicynodontoides, Dicynodon, Lystrosauridae, Ulemosaurus, Cotylorhynchus,Ophiacodon, Argentavis, Otsheria, Otsheria,Galepus, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Gopher Tortoise, Hellbender,Spiny softshell turtle, Painted turtle, Ouachita map turtle, False map turtle, Blanding's turtle, Large forest Monitor, Yellow Mud Turtle, Musk Turtle, Midland Smooth Softshell, Eastern Fence Lizard, Little Brown Skink, Queen Snake, Common Ribbonsnake, Northern Coal Skink, Bog Turtle, Anguis fragilis, European pond turtle,Spur-thighed Tortoise, Argentine tortoise, Hermann's Tortoise, Marginated Tortoise, Radiated tortoise, Angonoka tortoise, Geometric tortoise, Tent tortoise European cat snake, Grass Snake, Mole salamanders, Tiger Salamander, Spotted Salamader, Mudpuppies, firebelly newts,Two-toed Amphiuma, Lesser Siren, Two-toed Amphiuma, Anderson's Salamander, Southern Two-lined Salamander, Southern Torrent Salamander, fish caecilians, Beaked caecilians, Common caecilians, Aquatic caecilians, Hida Salamander, Gorgan Salamander, Persian Brook Salamander,longtail salamander, Common Midwife Toad, Leopard Frog,Hermann's tortoise, Rocky Mountain tailed frog, Parsley frogs, African clawed frog, Moroccan Spadefoot Toad, Mottled Squeaker, Proganochelys, Silver Long-fingered Frog, Savannah Forest Treefrog, African Giant Toad, Common African Toad, Marbled snout-burrower, Savanna Banana Frog, Mascarene Grass Frog, Natal Dwarf Puddle Frog, West African Rubber Frog, Rusty Forest Treefrog, Bedriaga's Skink, Home's Hinge-back Tortoise, African helmeted turtle, Senegal flapshell turtle,Crested Chameleon, House Gecko, Sudan plated lizard, African Five-lined Skink, Archegosaurus, Beelzebufo, Batrachosuchus, Diplocaulus, Laidleria, Prosalirus, Peltobatrachus, Pantylus, Ophiderpeton, Metoposaurus, Charassognathus, Procynosuchus, Peteinosaurus, Preondactylus, Scleromochlus and Aldabra giant tortoise, Colossochelys atlas, Prionosuchus, Stupendemys, Peipiaosteus, Massetognathus, Coregonus fera, Gravenche, Forest Hingeback Tortoise, Chaco tortoise, Impressed tortoise, Asian forest tortoise, Marginated tortoise, Aldabra giant tortoise,

Region 12:
Flora: Mainly Plantkon such as diatoms and some Kelp Forest. Include subtropical seas with sea grass and etc.
Apex Predator: Hainosaurus
Predator: Xiphactinus, Simolestes, Liopleurodon, Mesosaurus, Kronosaurus, Brachauchenius, Pliosaurus, Peloneustes, Attenborosaurus, Meyerasaurus, Hydrorion, Seeleyosaurus, Macroplata, Tylosaurus, Liodon, Goronyosaurus, Kourisodon, Tethysaurus, Platecarpus, Ichthyosaurus, Platypterygius, Suchodus, Plioplatecarpus, Taniwhasaurus, Tylosaurus, Latoplatecarpus, Clidastes, Mosasaurus,Plotosaurus, Eonatator,Globidens, Prognathodon, Halisaurus, Cretoxyrhina,
Prey: Notochelone, Protostega, Leedsichthys, Basking Shark, Dallasaurus, Nautilus, Cenoceras, Eutrephoceras, Santanachelys, Acanthoceras, Goanna fish, Parapuzosia seppenradensis, Ancyloceras, Allonautilus,Allocrioceras, Baculites, Nostoceras, Nipponites, Bostrychoceras, Pravitoceras, Belemnotheutis, Phragmoteuthis, Spirula spirula, cuttlefish, Bobtail Squid, Teudopsis, Vampire Squid, Rhomboteuthis lehmani, Trachyteuthis, Keuppia, Palaeoctopus, Proteroctopus, Opisthoteuthis extensa, Stauroteuthis syrtensis,Cirroteuthis, Telescope Octopus, Boxer Octopus, King Crab, Snow Crab, Rock Lobster, Red Loster, Blue Crab, Benthoctopus levis, Curled octopus, Musky Octopus, Turquet's Octopus, Velodona, Graneledone boreopacifica, Amphioctopus fangsiao, Amphioctopus marginatus, Giant octopus, big blue octopus, California Two-Spot Octopus, Atlantic White-spotted Octopus, Octopus ornatus, East Pacific Red Octopus, Common Octopus, Bolitaenidae, Seven-arm Octopus,Argonaut, Football Octopus, Mizuhobaris, Obinautilus, Orthoceras, Proterocameroceratidae, Thecideida, Rhynchonellida, lamp shells, Discinisca, All varieties of Trilobrites, Belonostomus münsteri, Belonostomus crassirostris, Gillicus, Ichthyodectes, Lanternfish, Absalomichthys, Acanthonemus, Acanthopleurus, Anaethalion knorri, Silverfish, Yellowtail Tuna, Salmon, Squalicorax, Elasmosaurus, Archelon, Giant squid, leatherback turtles, Woolungasaurus, Aristonectes, Belemnitida, Futabasaurus, Kaiwhekea, Libonectes, Mauisaurus, Styxosaurus, Thalassomedon, Tuarangisaurus, Nematonotus, ladyfish, Sea Stars, Brittle Stars, whalefish, grey mullets, Pacific cod, Ridgehead, Manta Rays, Barndoor skate, Bergall, Deepwater stingray, Caturus velifer, Chlamydoselachus, Caproberyx, Brychaetus, Ischyodus, Thrissops, Platypterygius, Aioloceras, Gyrodus, Petalopteryx, Stemmatodus, Grypodon, Stromerichthys, Ostariostoma, Mesoclupea, Neorhombolepis, Otomitla, Polygyrodus, Prymnetes,Rhinconichthys, Nursallia, Congorhynchus, Coriops, Gasteroclupea, Goudkoffia, Hemilampronites,Kankatodus, Natlandia, Peritresius, Pneumatoarthrus, Jellyfishes, coelacanth, ocean sunfish, Chinook salmon, whale shark, basking shark, Spiny dogfish, Greenland Shark, Common Skate, Sixgill sawshark, angelshark, Sixgill sawshark, Platyceramus, Gumboot chiton, Chiton, Atlantic torpedo, Colossal squid, Japanese spider crab, giant isopod, Helicoprion, Bonnerichthys, Protosphyraena, Peipiaosteus, Enchodus, Tharrhias, Araripichthys,Chanopsis, Casierius, Odontochelys, Helgolandichthys, Gillicus,Saurodon, Cooyoo, Cladocyclus, Copepod, Wolf eel, Southern blue whiting, Shortraker rock-fish, Sand tiger shark, Speartooth shark, School shark, Flatback sea turtle, Hawksbill sea turtle, Green sea turtle, Loggerhead sea turtle,Olive ridley sea turtle, Patagonian toothfish, Antarctic silverfish, Maori Cod, Orange roughy, Tubes Worms, Pollock, Haddock, New Zealand smooth skate, Antarctic starry skate, La Plata skate, Pacific white skate, Richardson's ray, Mottled skate, Undulate ray, Mollusk, tunicates, Horseshoe crab, Hermit crab, Porcelain crab, marbled rock crab, Carpilius convexus, red frog crab, masked crab, ghost crab, Breviraja spinosa, Ocellate spot skate, Prickly deepsea skate, Heterocarpus ensifer, giant tiger prawn, common tiger prawn, kuruma shrimp, Whiteleg shrimp, Mud Lobster, California spiny lobster, Aeger, Carpopenaeus, Trachysalambria curvirostris, Drobna, Yellow Foot Tortoise, Leopard Tortoise, Elongated Tortoise,
Pancake Tortoise, Three-toed Box Turtle, African Hinge Sideneck Turtle,

Region 13:
Fauna: Plankton and some Kelp Forest.
Apex Predator: Orca Whale,
Predators: Common Minke Whale, Sea Mink, Leopard seal, Walrus, Steller sea lion, Sperm whale,
Prey: Sand Eel, Sand Lance, Krill, Atlantic herring, Copepod, Atlantic wolffish, European sprat, Alaska pollock, Lanternfish, Capelin, Atlantic cod, Right whale, Blue Whale, Bowhead whale, Sei whale, Bryde's whale, Omura's whale, Fin whale, Humpback whale, Gray whale, Steller's sea cow, California sea lion, Lampreys , Shortraker rock-fish, ,Mediterranean monk seal, Caribbean Monk Seal , Flatback sea turtle, Hawksbill sea turtle, Green sea turtle, Loggerhead sea turtle,Olive ridley sea turtle, elephant seal, Patagonian toothfish, Southern bluefin tuna, Orange roughy, Sand tiger shark, Great white shark, Whale shark, Burbot, Houting, Narwhal, Squalodon, Pygmy right whale, Bottlenose dolphin, Rough-toothed dolphin, Sea Otter, Walrus, Tube worms, Northern fur seal, Antarctic fur seal, Harbor seal, Brown Fur Seal, Crabeater seal, Ross seal, Weddell seal, Bearded seal, Hooded seal, Spotted seal, arctic cod, Pollock, Ringed seal, Harp seal, Grey seal, Haddock, Smallnose fanskate, Arctic skate, Bottlenose skate, Deepsea skate, Big skate, Thornback ray, Greenland cod, Navaga, tommy cod , Coalfish, Sablefish, Blue whiting, pouting, Poor cod, Ribbon seal, Caspian seal, Baikal seal, Finless porpoise, Harbour porpoise, Vaquita, Spectacled porpoise, Burmeister's porpoise, Dall's porpoise, sea cucumbers, Mollusk, tunicates, Snow Crab, King Crab, Horseshoe crab, Hermit crab, Porcelain crab, marbled rock crab, Carpilius convexus, Dungeness crab, Dromia personata, masked crab, ghost crab, Spiny deepsea skate, blue ray, Little skate, Shagreen ray, Manta Ray, Whale Shark, Basking Shark, Barndoor skate, Heterocarpus ensifer, northern shrimp, gray shrimp, Whiteleg shrimp, Alaskan prawn, Mud Lobster, Spiny Lobster, Polycheles sculptus, brown rock shrimp, West Indian manatee, Giant beaked whale, Dwarf sperm whale, Pygmy sperm whale, Northern bottlenose whale, Sowerby's beaked whale, Andrews' beaked whale, Gaint Squid, Hubbs' beaked whale, Blainville's beaked whale, Gervais' beaked whale, Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale, Gray's beaked whale, Hector's beaked whale, Strap-toothed whale,True's beaked whale, Pygmy beaked whale, Perrin's beaked whale, Stejneger's beaked whale, beluga, Melon-headed whale, False killer whale, Long-finned pilot whale, Short-finned pilot whale, Long-beaked common dolphin, Short-beaked common dolphin, Northern right whale dolphin, Costero, Humpback dolphin, Atlantic spotted dolphin, Short-snouted spinner dolphin, Pantropical spotted dolphin, Spinner dolphin, Striped dolphin, Australian snubfin dolphin, Irrawaddy dolphin, Common bottlenose dolphin, Burrunan dolphin, Chilean dolphin, Commerson's dolphin, Haviside's dolphin, Hector's dolphin, Risso's dolphin, Fraser's dolphin, Dusky dolphin, Hourglass dolphin, Pacific white-sided dolphin, Peale's dolphin, White-beaked dolphin, Marine otter, La Plata dolphin,

Islands or Ice cap continent : Labrador Duck, Poppins, Great Auk, Emperor Penguin,
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